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At the Wendy House our meals are made on the premises by our Chef using fresh ingredients. Our menus are designed to be healthy and nutritionally balanced and we offer a wide variety of meals over a 4 week period. Special dietary needs or food allergies can also be catered for and all our food is sourced locally. An example menu is listed below:


"Both of my children attend the Wendy House. It's a great Nursery, has wonderful staff and a great outdoor area".


"Reece loves attending Wendy House Nursery; he is excited every day and throws himself at the nursery staff, giving them cuddles. The meals that are provided are nutritious and well balanced, so much that Reece regularly enjoys seconds and thirds!!

Reece loves going outside to play in the garden, which is a large spacious area with a variety of outdoor toys. He also enjoys playing in the water and sand tray indoors. We are very happy with the care and attention to detail that is provided by all of the staff. They are warm, caring and welcoming at all times, which provide a stable environment for Reece. They accommodate Reece's individual needs and nothing is ever a problem if something specific is required".


"I can best describe The Wendy House Nursery in three words - fun, friendships and educational. My daughter, Holly, has been going to The Wendy House since she was 7 months old, starting at 1 day a week to going full time when she was 2. The most important thing for me when Holly was a baby was to find a nursery that would follow her sleeping and feeding routine while providing a fun and secure place for learning. With The Wendy House we got that and more. The staff, no matter which room she is in, are absolutely lovely and bring out the best in her.

They do different activities every day whether it is painting, drawing, baking and she has even been on a couple of day trips as she has grown. One of the main reasons we chose The Wendy House was because of the fantastic garden. It is very large and come rain, snow or shine they are always playing and exploring in the garden.

When Holly started eating solid food we decided very early on to have the dinners and teas made by the nursery. My husband and I work full time and the brilliant advantages to her having the meals are they are home cooked, nutritious and when we pick her up she is already fed so we can just concentrate on having a good time.

I asked Holly what she liked most about the nursery and she said her friends. She has made many friends and she has stayed close with the ones she has grown up with while making new friends along the way. If we ever had any concerns (not that there have been many) the staff have always been very approachable and easy to talk to. Holly goes to school next September and we are already planning on using the holiday club. I would not hesitate to recommend The Wendy house to anyone who was looking for a fantastic, friendly, secure, passionate nursery".


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